Kenosha Theatre Restoration Project
In order to receive donations, we need to ask for them. Networking is important in a project of this scale. There might be someone out there who believes that creating an historic entertainment center is a noble effort and is willing to give a significant amount of money to see that the project comes to fruition. Maybe, they'll want some recognition or maybe, it'll do their heart good to funnel their philanthropy into their community. We will never know unless people are asked to donate.

We like the idea of in-kind donations too. This is where a door manufacturer donates doors in return for recognition in our television updates, publications and web site.

We need fundraising volunteers. Call 262-658-2355 if you believe that you can help. Even if it's only to break the ice and set up a meeting, your effort would be greatly appreciated.


Are you ready to donate to the Kenosha Theatre now? If you are, we appreciate your support for this truly great cause. Just click on the button below and follow the instructions:

Shop and Give:

Aren't ready to donate? You can also shop online at over 500 great stores through the website and give a portion of your purchase price to the Kenosha Theatre. These are merchants who's names you know and love and who have top name brands. Just click on the button below to start shopping and giving:


Funding / Grant Links:

The internet is a great place to look for funding, but it takes time and creativity. These links are only a few of the resources that are available on the net. Check them out. If you find a grant that looks like the theatre project may be eligible for, contact us or e-mail us. If we have volunteers researching the many places available, we may reach our fundraising goals much quicker. Enjoy these links, they'll supply hours of interest.

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