Kenosha Theatre Restoration Project
Unfortunately, not many photo's of the Kenosha Theatre exist which show the interior during it's days of operation. We do however have a few exterior photos of the theatre in the 1920's shortly after it was built. We are also fortunate to have a set of photos which were taken in 1983 when much of the interior was still in relatively good condition.

We are also extremely fortunate to have amazing photos of some of the stars which graced the stage of the Kenosha Theatre. These pictures show just some of the big name stars which performed live at the Kenosha during it's heyday. These photos were kindly provided by William Wallos, one of the former managers of the theatre. these photos and many other objects are on display at the theatre and you are invited to view them in person. Please contact us if you are interested.

Photo Gallery of the Kenosha Theatre

Photo Gallery of the "Stars of the Kenosha Theatre"