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Acanthus Leaf Molding

Aisle 2 Door

Aisle 2 Sign

Aisle 3 Door

Arch Detail

Arches 2

Arches 3


Balcony Niche

Balcony Wall

Castle in Spain Poster

Chandelier 2

Chandelier 3

Chandelier 4


Column 1

Column 2

Column Base

Corbel 1

Corbel 2

Crest 1

Crown Molding 1

Crown Molding 2

Crown Molding

Dome 1

Dome Detail

Down to the Lobby

Drawing Closeup


Exterior Column

Fountain Niche



Left Organ Grille 2

Left Organ Grille 3

Left Organ Grille Closeup

Left Organ Grille

Lion Head

Medalion 2

Medalion 3


Mezzanine Ceiling Beam Stencil

Mezzanine Column Detail 1

Mezzanine Column Detail 2

Mezzanine Column Detail 3

Mezzanine Column Detail 4

Mezzanine Column Detail 5

Mezzanine Column Detail 6

Mezzanine Column Detail 7

Mezzanine Column Detail 8

Mezzanine Stairway

Molding Detail 2

Molding Detail


Mural 1

Mural 2


Opening Day Theater Ad 2

Opening Day Theater Ad

Organ Grill

Organ Grille Closeup

Proscenium Arch Center

Proscenium Arch Left Closeup

Proscenium Arch Left

Proscenium Arch


Rosette 1

Rosette 2

Rosette 3

Shell Detail

Shield 1

Theater Exterior 1927

Theater Exterior

Theatre Construction

To the Mezzanine

United Studios Ad


Ventilation Grill

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