Kenosha Theatre is Marvel Building in Spanish Architecture
Theatre Lovers of Kenosha Will Be Thrilled at Splndour and Magnificence of Kenosha's New Dramatic Shrine to be Formally Opened on Thursday
It's a far cry from the days when Spanish galleons were the pirates of the high seas and Pizzaro and Cortez conqured and plundered the fabulous riches of Mexico and South America to this age in which men span the ocean in less than four days. Yet when patrons of the Kenosha Theatre, which opens tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 o'clock, look about them they will behold magnificence and dazzling opulence in an abundance undreamed of by those old Spanish Conquerors.
In Building the Kenosha Theatre the Milwaukee Theatre Circuit endeavored to eclipse not only the theatres of the past but all contmporary efforts. The best of modern talent and the biggest of concerns were called upon to help. Months were devoted to examination of sketches and to experimentation with color effects. Everything was worked out in the most minute detail. The sketches showed a wonder palace, an example of great architectural beauty with interior appointments in harmony with the noble exterior.


It was only after months of thoughtful consideration that it was decided to build the theatre on a Spanish design and to create an atmosphere of sunny Spain throughout the interior. No detail has been overlooked and the completed theatre exudes the exotic romace and splendour of Spain with such fidelity that it might well be an exact replica of the Alcazar, the famous old castle of Madrid.

Ultra modern in every respect, a fascinating playground of dazzling new luxuries and up-to-date conveniences, the effect on entering the lobby is that of an old world courtyard, patrons stepping over huge flagstones as the pomenade. The breath of Spain is in the air and one might fancy the sound of clicking castanets and the tap dancing Spanish heels.

The main amphitheatre itself is spectacular and brilliantly unique in design and execution. A not of grandeur and magnificence has been struck in the matter of coloring and general sweep that is seldom attained in any building. All the lure and loveliness of soft Castillian nights is reproduced so accurately it is easy to imagine dashing toreadors strumming their guitars beneath the windows of starry-eyed senoritas, in just such a scene. The elaborate lighing effecs and wall decorations are faithful to the atmospheric note of the rest of the theatre. Seats are of the most soft and comfortable type and are richly upholsterd to blend with the gorgeous coloring in the floor carpeting


On the stage a costly and exquisite irridescent curtain will be lowered during the overtures and vaudeville acts. Stage settings for the stage sho augmenting the feature picture will be original startling in their beauty.

In harmony with the architectural elegance and the extravagant furnishings and appointments will be the service rendered to patrons. It will be the aim of all thos on the Kenosha's house staff to provide patrons of the new theatre with courteous and efficient service at all times

A special ventilating system has been installed which will provide continuous fresh air the year round with its temperature regulated to the whims of the thermometer.

It is the claim of the Kenosha Theatre that it will provide its audiences with the best amusement available. Vaudeville acts from the world's greates circuit will be on every bill. Only the cream of photoplay productions will be shown. The best pictures made will always be booked so that Kenosha theatre-goers will be assured of the finest film entertainment.


An orchestra under the direction of Karl von Hoppe, widely known violinist, has been carefully assembled for its ability to synchronize music to motion pictures and to accompany visiting vaudeville acts. This versatile aggregation can play jazz and classical music equally well, and will undoubtedly find favor with patrons of the theatre. The majesctic Wurlitzer organ will be played by Ted Stanford, one of the most able and well-known organists in the middle-west.

All the splendour and dsring beauty of sixteenth-century Spain when the Invincible Armada sailed against the English fleet and dauntless Balboa set out for America to discover the Pacific Ocean, lives again in this gorgeous and stupendous new Kenosha Theatre.