Starlit Sky in Kenosha Theatre Called Masterpiece
Absolutely Safe for Every Theatre Use
Another Minneapolis firm which has had a large share in making the Kenosha Theatre safe as well as beautiful is the A. E. Conrad Company.

The metal lathing, light furring and corner bead work throughout the entire structure is its work and thorough inspection proves it to have been completed in a highly workmanlike manner

The vast amount of material mecessary to completely install the electrical apparatus in a modern theatre is truly astounding.

Over two hundred miles of wire were used in the new Kenosha Theatre. This wire is carried through metal conduit, of which one and on-half carloads were required. Five thousand six hundred electric light globes are used in th building. The stage is lighted by the latest type of equipment, employing heat resisting colored glass for all color effects. The stage switchboard , which alone costs $10,000, is the latest remote control type. It is the only one of its kind in the state of Wisconsin. Thiry-three banks of dimmers are connected with this board. In the main auditorium there are twenty-two electrical circuits all under the control of the stage switchboard. This great number of circuits was made necessary because of the sunrise effect, and various other unusual lightin features used in the theatre. The full constellation of stars which appears in the ceiling of the auditorium was designed under the direction of the department of astronomy of the University of Wisconsin, which provided authentic data.

Davis Apartments Ready in New Theatre Building

The Davis Furniture Company of Kenosha undertook a big job when it contrcted to completely equip the Davis apartments, living quarteres in the Kenosha Theatre Building in which the Kenosha Theatre is housed.

But that work, just finished, has completely justified the faith of the builders, and the apartments are beautifully and completely furnished in every respect.