Feature, the Kenosha Evening News, Wednesday, August 31, 1927-

Woman Has Key Position

Miss Laura Goodman is Assistant Manager of the New Theatre.

Whe the Kenosha Theatre opens on September 1st, a woman will occupy an important position on the executive staff. Miss Laura Goodman, widely known in the advertising and theatre business, will act as assistant manager and treasurer off the new house.

Miss Goodman, who has been associated with various well-known firms as an advertising copywriter, conducted her own ad service in Milwaukee and Racine until recently, when she became manager of the institutional department of the State Theatre in Racine, where she was placed in charge of other departments at the theatre. It was Miss Goodman who formed many valuable contacts between the theater and heads of industrial and commercial institutions in Racine.

Woman may be the weaker sex, but Miss Goodman who is strong for the moving picture business believes that a woman's intuition is just as necessary in a theatre as anywhere else. In her capacity as assistant to J. W. Houck , manager of the Kenosha Theatre, she will look out for the interest of women patrons of the kenosha and see to it that they receive the utmost in courtesy and service while they are guests of the theatre.

Ted Stanford new Organist

Comes to Kenosha Theatre for State Theatre at Racine

When the magnificent Wurlitzer organ is played for the first time at the Kenosha Theatre Thursday matinee, it will be by one of the best known and most popular of theatre organists. Theodore Stanford, or "ted" as most of his multitude of admireres know him."Ted" comes to Kenosha from the State Theatre, Racine, where he has made an enviable reputation for his work of the past season. In fact, his popularity is not necessarily limited to the Racine peopl, for a good many of our own folks have enjoyed his fine organ work.

His specialty is the presentation of unique and original slide novelties, and community singing- a phase of the theatre music which has met with such instantaneous approval throughout the country. It should be stated here that the presentation of original slide novelties means something more than just the mere playing of a set of music publishers' slieds. "Ted " is meticulously careful in rearranging his sets in a manner which would cause the publisher not to recognize the original set in the presentation at all. In fact, he has special slides made whenever necessary to give his novelty just that individuality and personal touch that is needed to make the presentation truly an attraction.

All of this interest in his work, coupled with a very magnetic personality assures "Ted" Stanford every success at the Kenosha Theater and guarantees to Kenosha audiences a unique and distinctly different form of organ entertainment from anything they have ever heard.

2,300 seats With All Attention to Comfort

The seating arrangements of the Kenosha Theatre are without a doubt the latest and most modern that human genius has been able to devise for the extreme comfort of its patrons.

Nothing has been overlooked to make the new theatre's seats and its entire seating plan as effecient as possible for both luxurious comfort and vision of screen and stage.

To the success of this important feature, credit must be given to the theatre seating division of the Heywood-Wakefield Company of Chicago.